Comforter Sets

Nowadays comforter sets come in all sizes, qualities and colors so that everybody should be able to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. I grew up in Western Europe in a cold climate and still remember sleeping under several blankets and bedding covers during winter as a kid.

Personally, I use a comforter set which consists of two separate padded layers held together by Velcro tape and protected by a duvet cover or to put it more correctly a comforter cover. Although most Americans use the term duvet covers, a duvet is really a high end bed comforter filled with down instead of synthetic or other organic material. comforter sets

Anyway, the point is that my sleeping experience is a lot more comfortable compared to my childhood. This type of bedding makes for a much better sleeping experience as it feels a lot lighter and warmer than using several blankets on top of each other. In summer I just remove one of the layers and we are good to go again.

Comforter Bedding Set Sizes

The most popular types of bedding comforter sets would arguably be the full or queen comforter sets a well as the king or California king down comforters variety which come in the following sizes in the US

Twin/Single    39 by 75 inch

Full/Queen    54 by 75 inch / 60 by 80 inch

King/California King    76 by 80 inch / 72 by 84 inch


I would advise you to do some of your own research on these bedding sizes as I have come across different measurements and depending on which part of the world you live the bed and mattress sizes vary again.

The difference between a king and California king mattress is that the California king is narrower and longer which also means that you could use a normal king comforter bedding set on a California king mattress although the comforter will probably fall out a bit short in length.

Luxury Comforter Sets – Goose Down or Primaloft

Luxury comforter sets should have a high thread count making them a lot more durable while the padding material used is often goose down which will guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep when living in a cold climate. Comforter sets bedding made from down is therefore also more delicate and you are definitely advised to purchase a duvet cover to protect you prized piece of bedding.

Remember that you should never wash a down comforter in a normal washing machine so getting a comforter cover will protect it against dust saving you time and money you would otherwise have to spend on the dry cleaners.

However, and this is good news for people allergic to down, there are alternatives available such as the Pinzon Pyrenees PrimaLoft comforter set. Primaloft which is sometimes referred to as synthetic down is a lot more water repellent than the original material and can also be laundered in a standard washing machine.

Just as with traditional down bedding the material does not come cheap and quality is measured by fill power. The greater the fill power of your primaloft or natural down comforter the better the quality.

These are just a few facts to know when shopping fort bedding sets, but the best thing that happened to me in recent years was the purchase of a memory foam mattress to complete my sleeping comfort. I can honestly say that I really did not enjoy getting into an ice cold bed covered with at least a couple of blankets during winter when I was growing up.

Also don’t forget that because comforter sets are that lightweight and warm nowadays there is also no need to waste space on several blankets to fortify your bedding set during those winter months.